What if an employee claims they never received a payment from DailyPay?

The employee can visit their DailyPay account at any time to review their historical pay statements, which track:

  • Each transfer that is made to the employee's personal account or debit card
  • The exact amount that was transferred
  • And when the transfer was completed.

To learn more about pay statements, please review this video: https://youtu.be/B7zhW58geSM

Failed/rejected payment sent to employee’s bank account:

There may be cases where a payment sent to an employee’s bank account fails or is rejected. This usually happens if the employee’s personal bank account information (bank account and routing numbers) on file with DailyPay is incorrect. The rejected/failed payment will be returned by the bank to DailyPay. This process takes up to three business days. 

At the same time that the payment fails and the funds are returned to DailyPay, DailyPay will notify the user of the invalid bank account information on file and advise them to update their bank account to ensure future payments are received without delay.

Failed/rejected payment sent to employee’s debit card:

There may be cases where an instant payment sent to an employee’s debit card fails or is rejected. This may occur if the debit card they are using to request the transfer does not support instant transactions or has limits on the instant transactions it may receive.

The employee will be notified by a message in their DailyPay account. The requested amount will return to their Available Balance once the payment fails.

If the card the employee tries to use to receive instant transactions does not support instant transactions, the employee is always welcome to try using another card, or they can request a next-day payment to be sent to their bank account on file.

If your employee is still having trouble locating funds or experiencing any issues with payments through DailyPay, please direct them to our Employee Support team, who can be of further assistance.

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