How are employee Available Balances calculated?

The Available Balance reported in an employee’s account will be a portion of their earned wages. The Available Balance will never represent 100% of their earnings due to a number of factors such as taxes, the time hours are reported, and other payroll deductions. Our system automatically computes the advance rate - the percentage of earned wages made available to an employee - which is based on past earnings history. During the pay period, the Available Balance is naturally decreased after an employee-requested transfer. 

Employees with new accounts will be set at a conservative advance rate, usually around 50%, until we observe a couple of pay cycles and can adjust it more precisely.

Please advise employees that if they have any further questions about their Available Balance, they should contact DailyPay Support team at

Available Balance Formula

Employee Available Balance = (Total Reported Gross Earnings * Advance Rate) - Previous Transfers

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