Creating and Editing Admins

All Full Permission admins have the ability to add new admins and/or edit the role and information for existing admins. Local Admins can create admins or edit existing admins with access equal or more limited to them. For more information on admin roles, refer to the DailyPay Portal Admin Permissions article. 

Creating a new Admin

To create a new admin, go to the Admin Management section of the Configuration tab and click 'Create New Admin'. In the creation form, you will need to add the user's first name, last name, email, cell phone number and select their role. 

Note: please make sure to use a cell phone number since the admin will need to use it for 2FA. 


Editing a DailyPay Admin

To edit a DailyPay admin, click on the ellipses next to the admin's name and you will have the option to edit the admin's role and information or deactivate the admin. If you deactivate the admin, they will no longer have access to the DailyPay portal. 


Once you click edit, you will have the option to update any of the fields in the modal. To save your edits, click 'update user.' 



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