How does DailyPay help employees budget and save?

DailyPay’s mission is to help our clients achieve financial security.

DailyPay offers employees an Automatic Savings feature. This feature allows employees to allocate a fixed amount from their paycheck to be set aside and sent to their savings account every payday.

To take advantage of the Automatic Savings feature, employees should log in to their DailyPay account, navigate to Account Settings and next to account savings click "manage".  There they can choose the amount they would like to set aside and the bank account to which it will be sent. Once they choose to take advantage of Automatic Savings, a portion of their earnings will go to their savings account every payday, helping them save and budget.


Please note:

  • The bank account marked as "savings" can also be a checking account
  • The amount allocated to savings will be hidden from their available balance.
  • Their available balance will show as $0 until the amount made available is greater than the amount requested for savings.


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