What is the Net Earnings file?

The Net Earnings file provides total net and gross earnings information for each employee for each payroll run. This information is commonly referred to as the payroll journal or payroll register. DailyPay uses the information contained in the Net Earnings file to approximate expected net earnings when setting each employee’s available balance and to process the remaining payment for payday. 

Net pay = gross pay - (taxes + deductions + wage garnishments)

The Net Earnings file may include multiple pay groups and/or locations, but we require that it only include one scheduled pay date. Along those lines, please make sure any manual, voided, or off-cycle reported net amounts are removed from this final payroll journal. The file must only include payments due to be remitted to the employee on that payday. This will ensure that only the most relevant information is used to calculate the final pay due to your employees.

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