Why is the User Roster file needed by DailyPay? 

The file is used by DailyPay primarily to create employee DailyPay accounts at the beginning of the partnership and for any subsequent new hire.

In almost all cases, DailyPay will pre-create user profiles (employee accounts) for every employee, before the employee first accesses our system, by using the information contained in the User Roster file. We do this for a number of reasons:

  1. Ensure data is accurate, since it’s coming straight from you, the partner.
  2. Avoid delays. Employees often don’t have this information on hand at the time of enrollment, so having you, the partner,  provide it is smoother and more uniform.
  3. Enrollment. Pre-creating employee profiles allows us to have email and or cell phone numbers on file, which we can use to contact the employee with a personalized sign-up link. 

The User Roster file is also used to secure the wage receivable by verifying that the DailyPay Account (DPA) remains the sole active direct deposit account for DailyPay users.

When the direct deposit account number is listed in the User Roster file, we use it to verify that DailyPay will be receiving the employee’s paycheck on payday, as arranged. If the employee’s DailyPay account does not appear as the direct deposit on record, it will be flagged for correction and review. 

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