What is the DailyPay Account?

The DailyPay account is a unique bank account into which all pay is routed so it can reach DailyPay successfully. It may appear as a Wells Fargo account on your end, and your employees understandably may not recognize at first glance. The routing number will always be 121000248, and the account number will start with 3258. 

When an employee is actively using DailyPay, the DailyPay Account (DPA) must remain the primary and sole direct deposit account record. In other words, the DailyPay account must receive 100% of all pay, regardless if that occurs on payday or off-cycle. 

Please note, the DailyPay account is designed to block and ACH reversals, stop-payments, and debits. Any attempt to perform these actions on a DailyPay Account will be unsuccessful. 

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