How does my employee sign up for DailyPay?

If your employee has met all internal eligibility requirements (if applicable) and is signed up for direct deposit, your employee’s DailyPay account will be created for them ahead of time. That way, when your employee decides to utilize DailyPay, he/she can find it right away and get started quickly. When your employee wishes to begin using DailyPay, he/she will go through the following steps:

Email — If DailyPay was provided the employee’s email address, the employee will receive a welcome email after creating his/her account. 

Cell Phone — If DailyPay was provided the employee’s cell phone number, we can activate their account by using our text message short codes:

  • If an employee knows his/her Employee ID: text EMPLOYEE ID to 66867
  • If an employee doesn’t know his/her Employee ID: text ‘START’ to 66867
  • For Spanish: text EMPEZAR to 66867

If DailyPay doesn’t know either the cell phone number or email address, the employee will be able to locate his/her account using their employee/payroll ID and selecting his/her current employer. On the other hand, if his/her email and phone number are present on the account, the employee will be able to locate their DailyPay profile more quickly by matching these details.  

The employee can locate his/her DailyPay account by logging into and entering the relevant contact details. Once at the home page, the employee clicks the green button, as shown below. From that point, the steps are very intuitive to help match the employee with his/her previously created account.  

If an employee needs assistance to locate his/her account, he/she can reach out to our Employee Support team who will certainly be able to assist. While we strive to create the employee’s account as soon as possible, be mindful that it may take a few days once the employee has met all eligibility requirements. 

From the home page, this below screen appears. The employee is asked to enter his/her name, cell phone, email address and employee ID. After that, the steps are simple and straightforward! If an employee ever needs assistance, he/she can contact our Employee Support team.  

Note: A valid and unique and email and phone number are required for each account to be activated and remain in force.

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