What if my employee wants to cancel their DailyPay account?

If your employee decides that he/she no longer wants access to their earned wages before payday, he/she can request to cancel his/her account on their own. The employee can do so by logging into the DailyPay account, flipping to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS menu (accessible in the top right) and scrolling to the very bottom. The field below will appear where the employee can begin the cancellation process:

Once any outstanding balance for early transfers has been resolved on the next payday, the personal banking details your employee has installed in their DailyPay profile will be sent back to your Payroll Team to update for the following payday. At this point, the employee’s DailyPay account will be fully canceled. If the employee ever wishes to resume the ability to use DailyPay, he/she will be able to reactivate his/her account on their own. 

Please do not change an employee’s Direct Deposit information in your system from the DailyPay account until prompted to do so during normally scheduled updates. Removing the DailyPay account too early can result in a prolonged cancellation process, during which an employee’s final transfers are not immediately resolved. Rest assured that once all of an employee’s early transfers are accounted for, DailyPay will send his/her primary bank account information to you for updating. 

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