My employee had their ACH payment sent to a bank or pay card they tell me is closed/invalid. What do we do?

If your employee notices that an ACH payment was sent to a bank account they have since closed, please make sure they first update their banking information in their DailyPay profile, so that this closed account is removed. This will prevent any future payments from being sent to that account. 

As for the original ACH payment, if it was in fact sent to closed account, it can take up to three business days for the funds to be sent back to DailyPay. At that point, the returned funds will remain in the employee’s DailyPay account until we are able to resend them to a newly added bank account. Until the banking information is updated, the funds will not be sent to your employee. This is to prevent the funds from being returned once more to DailyPay three days later. 

The funds will not be sent back to you, the employer. The funds will remain with DailyPay. To ensure the closest coordination, please have your employee contact our Employee Support team at +1-(866)-432-0472. This will ensure the quickest response with the relevant parties. 

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