What is the Direct Deposit Update (DDU) file?

At least once per pay period, DailyPay provides you, the partner, a list of employees (either in .csv format, or directly on the Dashboard tab of the Partner Portal) who made their first transfer with DailyPay in the just-ended pay period, and, therefore, need to have their primary bank and routing information for direct deposit updated. This update will be a change from their personal bank account to the new DailyPay account and routing numbers that we provide. This account number will be unique for each of your employees. It may appear in your system as a Wells Fargo account, which is our partner bank. 

Employees who cancel their accounts from the DailyPay platform will also be included in this file, but instead of providing the employee’s DailyPay account, we will provide the employee’s most recent personal bank account on record. Once this update has been made, the next time you run payroll, you will be paying into the employee’s personal account directly, not the DailyPay account. This change ONLY occurs after any outstanding balance on the DailyPay account is fully resolved and settled.

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