My employee says their paycheck today is less than what it is supposed to be or not received at all. What do we do?

If your employee suspects that their remainder payment is less than they expected or an employee claims not to have received it at all, there are few ways to look into this further. The steps below are a means to troubleshoot and to preemptively answer any questions they may have. 

First, log into the Partner Portal and access the employee’s pay period summary. For steps on accessing this section, see here. With this starting point, you can see all the relevant information for the specified pay period.

  1. Reconcile any early transfers taken that would naturally be factored into today’s remainder payment.

  2. Check on the status of any recent payments to your employee, including today’s remainder payment to see where/when it was sent.

    If a payment has still not been received by your employee and it shows as sent on the DailyPay Partner Portal, please have them contact their bank first. The bank will be able to offer the most information regarding any pending payments or any potential delays in processing. 

    In addition, to cover all bases, please have your employee double check the account and routing number to which the payment was sent. By default, all remainder payments will be sent to the primary checking/savings account listed within the employee’s profile. 
  3. Lastly, keep in mind that in rare instances, if there is any outstanding balance from previous pay periods -- that is, DailyPay paid your employee more than they actually earned -- that outstanding balance will be factored into the current pay period’s remainder payment. 

If, after going through these possible steps, you still require further assistance, please have your employee contact our dedicated Employee Support team. They can be reached using the details below. 

Employee Support Business Hours 

Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM ET
Sunday: (Email only) 9AM - 1PM ET
Phone: +1 (866) 432-0472 

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