How do I report an employee termination?

We understand that termination can happen unexpectedly, which is why we request that you, the partner, take responsibility to cancel the terminated employee accounts and notify us how the final payment is to be made prior to the issue of the final paycheck. 

The fastest way to report employee termination is in the Partner Portal. Once the employee is canceled in our system, it will automatically turn off the option for the employee to take additional transfers against their earned wages. In addition, it is a clear signal to us as to the employee's status. 

Please see below for the steps on canceling employees in the Partner Portal:

  1. Log in to the DailyPay Partner Portal

  2. Click on the USERS menu on the left side of your page

  3. Search for the name of the employee you need to terminate

  4. Click the name of the employee to open their profile

  5. On the bottom right of the employee's page, click REPORT TERMINATION. A second window will appear asking you to confirm the decision. Click REPORT TERMINATION again if you wish to precede
  6. Choose the selection that indicates how final payment will be made:
    1. No Change (final pay only through direct deposit to DailyPay account): The employee's final paycheck remains their existing DailyPay direct deposit account. No further action required. 
    2. Paper check (deductions allowed with invoice request from DailyPay): A paper check is issued to the employee and the amount withheld is sent to DailyPay via invoice to you as the employer
    3. Paper check (no deductions allowed): Withholding employee's previously taken DailyPay advances from his/her final pay is limited

  7. Enter any requested information about final pay depending on the option in Step 6. If any withholding is needed, the amount to withhold will be displayed

  8. Once finished, click SUBMIT on the final screen. At this point, the employees profile will be fully suspended. No further early transfers will be possible.


Please Note

If training or troubleshooting is not needed, we ask that you confirm that employees will be canceled before the final paycheck is sent in order to avoid potential future loss.

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