Why do I need to report employee terminations?

We request that you report terminations in a timely fashion so that your employees’ DailyPay accounts can be properly settled when they end employment. By reporting terminations, you will be informed of any deductions that need to be taken from an employee’s final paper check to reimburse DailyPay for transfers taken during the current pay period. 

If these steps are not taken, the employee may wrongly be transferred earnings, and DailyPay may not be able to be reimbursed for these transfers. Unfortunately you, the partner, will be held responsible for any uncollected amounts resulting from a delay in reporting employee termination.

This is especially poignant for salaried employees. As their earnings appear on a daily pro-rated basis, canceling their accounts as soon as termination is reported will prevent them from gaining access to earnings past their date of final employment. 

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