What if my employee wants resume using DailyPay after canceling it?

If your employee wishes to resume using DailyPay after self-canceling his/her account, the employee can simply log back in using his/her previous credentials, and reactivate his/her own account. If the employee is permitted to reactivate, this button will appear on their dashboard. 

By clicking on “Read more,” the employee will receive this screen:

However, if you, the employer, has canceled an employee’s DailyPay profile, for example when reporting their termination, the employee will be unable to reactivate his/her account on their own. This is designed to prevent employee accounts that you purposefully disable from being reactivated by the employees themselves. In such scenarios, please contact the DailyPay Partner Support team directly, and we will help to reinstate the DailyPay account for your employee. 

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