How does my employee change their direct deposit information?

First, while your employee is utilizing DailyPay, we require that their direct deposit information remains their unique DailyPay account. Keeping the DailyPay account there will ensure the smoothest operation and experience for your employees.

If a user wishes to update where DailyPay sends their remainder payments, or any other payments for that matter, they must update that information themselves within their DailyPay profiles. Here are the steps that an employee should follow:

1. Select the "Account Settings" page in their DailyPay account.


2. Go down to the "Bank Accounts" tab, and select "Add New Bank Account."

3. Enter the routing and account information for the new bank account. If a user wishes to make this their primary account (where remainder payments are sent), ensure that the "Make this your primary bank account?" box is checked. When finished, click "Submit."


Who can change an employee's direct deposit account information?

No one at DailyPay and none of our Employee Support agents are able to update banking information on behalf of an employee. Neither are you, the employer, able to change this information for them. That being said, an employee can certainly contact our Employee Support team for assistance on the process to update this information if they are experiencing any difficulties.

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