What is CYCLE by DailyPay?

Cycle by DailyPay is a new feature in the DailyPay Partner Portal that enables an employer to send paperless off-cycle payments to any employee at any time. It is designed to make the off-cycle employee payment process drastically easier. 

Whether it is payroll corrections, termination pay or bonuses, we recognize processing off-cycle payments has always been an expensive pain point for a payroll team. On the other hand, Waiting for a paper check to correct a payroll error can be a significant financial burden, forcing employees to pay their bills late or struggle to cover urgent expenses.

CYCLE eliminates the costs of paper checks and enables companies to push a digital payment to any employee immediately.

  1. It also enables employees to receive their payments as soon as within same day of request, via any accounts, instead of waiting for a paper check to be processed, distributed and cashed.

  2. DailyPay provides funding for all CYCLE payments at no cost to employees.

The CYCLE process is quick, paperless, and simple. Most importantly, it already integrates to existing Partner Portal set-ups and existing DailyPay user information; no additional install or implementation is required.

For an overview of the product as whole, please see the attached PDF. 

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