New Direct Deposit Update Process Steps

Note: This article is only applicable for those now required to download their Direct Deposit Update file as an Excel, as opposed to individual updates. 

For further background information about the Direct Deposit Update process, please see this article

Steps to complete the Direct Deposit Update:

Step 1: Log into the DailyPay Partner Portal. Updates requiring attention will appear on the Dashboard of the Partner Portal

Step 2: Click “Download Updates” on the Partner Portal Dashboard


Step 2a: Alternatively, navigate to the Data Exchange > Direct Deposit Update section labeled here


Step 3: Open the file that is downloaded locally to your PC and locate each employee in your payroll system.

Step 4:  Eliminate/Deactivate any existing bank accounts

Step 5: Disable Pre-Note (if applicable) and add the DailyPay Account Number and Routing Number to be effective for the upcoming payday.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What if I need to download a file again?

A: If you ever need to re-download a file for a given pay period for whatever reason, you can access these details on the Data Exchange > Direct Deposit Update section by clicking on the “view” button that corresponds to the desired download date. This is circled by the green box in screenshot contained in Step 2a. 

Q: I’ve downloaded the Direct Deposit Update file and made the changes. Why does it still show action is required on X individuals? 

A: After downloading the file, the count of employees requiring attention will reset to 0 within an hour. 

Q: Do I still have to go to each individual employee’s profile within the Partner Portal and confirm the updates?

A: No, simply downloading the file will take care of all the individual boxes you previously checked on each employees’ pages in the last version of the Partner Portal. 

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