New Batch Account Creation Process Steps

Note: This article is only applicable for those that previously single created new hire accounts 1-by-1 in the original DailyPay Partner Portal.

For further background information about the User Roster as a whole, please see this article

Steps to Create a User Roster file

Step 1: Download the Microsoft Excel template attached below. 


Step 2: While leaving the existing header rows (Row 1) intact, populate a single row for each given employee.

  1. First Name (required)
  2. Last Name (required)
  3. User ID (required)
  4. Email (optional but strongly preferred)
  5. Phone (optional but strongly preferred)

Note: make sure emails inserted in the template are NOT hyperlinks. If emails are appearing blue and underlined, right-click and choose "Remove Hyperlinks". They must be plain text and not "click-able" either.

Step 3: When done populating all the desired values, save the file with a name and in a location you will easily be able to find again on your computer. Either XLSX or CSV formatting works. Note, PDF or .DOC will not be accepted. 

Step 4: Once the file is saved, flip to the Data Exchange >> User Roster section of the DailyPay Partner Portal. 


Step 5: Once there, click the UPLOAD button circled at the top of the page here and choose the file you created in Step 3. 

Step 6: Hit Upload/Submit. From there, the new employee profiles should be created right away. Should there be any errors with the file itself, you will be notified via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Do I need to include a phone number and/or email address?

A: Both email and phone number are optional. However the presence of these values makes the employee sign-up process easier. 

Q: What if I only have one employee account to create?

A: Even if you have only 1 employee profile to create, you will still need to upload a file with that 1 row. 

Q: How can I see that the new hire profiles were created successfully?

A: To view a newly created employee profile, flip to the Users Tab of the Partner Portal and search for the given employee to find that they now exist. 

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